pap'açorda market menu abril 2017 pap'açorda market menu abril 2017

Pap’Açôrda has a
new Market Menu

There are veritable classics served at Pap’Açôrda that have not changed even with this Lisbon institution’s move from the Bairro Alto to the first floor of the Time Out Market. We are referring in particular to the house chocolate mousse, the pastéis de massa tenra (fried meat pasties) and even the huge chandelier that greets guests as they enter. But there are other things that change on a regular basis, such as the lunchtime set Market Menu. And a good thing, too. As with previous set menus, the advantage of the Market Menu, which is served at lunchtime from Tuesday through Friday, is that for €20 you can eat a starter, main dish and dessert, and drink a glass of wine and even a coffee. For each category there are three options, of which you may choose one. For example, you might start your meal with a fish with coriander on toast, follow it with Algarve-style fried cuttlefish, and then finish with a ricotta tart. But it’s up to you. Pap’Açôrda is on the 1st floor of Time Out Market. The Market Menu is available at lunchtime Tuesday through Friday, from noon to 6pm. Price: €20.