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Rive-Rouge al fresco

The matinée shows set at Rive-Rouge now have some in-house competition. The long-awaited outdoor seating area facing onto Praça Dom Luís I has now been inaugurated and is to have the same opening hours as the matinées: Tuesday to Sunday from 5 to 9pm. Upstairs you can dance to sounds spun by the DJ on the afternoon shift, while downstairs in the outdoor seating area you can drink and eat. Yes, this patio offers more than just drinks. To accompany them, chef Manuela Brandão from neighbouring Pap’Açôrda has compiled a menu of special snacks for the outdoor seating area. It is special not only because she has devised it, but also because of the presentation, which fits with the red decor and name: the pastéis (pasties), which are like little pies in various flavours – crab and pickles, mushroom with cream sauce, veal and beans, fish stew, and even one with chocolate mousse – are sprinkled with red glitter. As well as the pasties there is other finger food and snacks such as amêijoas à Bulhão Pato (clams with garlic and coriander), duck croquettes with mustard, and breaded lamb ribs. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 5 to 9pm.