Revolution Health Kitchen shines with its tasty, guilt-free fare

At Time Out Market Boston, there’s no shortage of indulgent, splurge-worthy treats. Fortunately, Revolution Health Kitchen is open day and night to provide a cleansing counterbalance to all the tempting treats served by its counterparts.

Owner Heather Costa has expertly designed a full menu of nutritious plant-based foods, beverages, snacks and more. Costa uses the most healthful ingredients and preparation methods to maximize nutrient density and absorption so customers not only taste the difference, but feel the difference. With her wide range of experience and knowledge of both diet and fitness, Costa has helped to educate and nourish the minds and bodies of countless people since opening the flagship RHK location in the shadow of the Prudential Center.

“Our Time Out Market menu showcases our most popular items to give Fenway the incredible taste of the healthiest food in Boston,” says Costa. “I’m excited to share my passion for food and nutrition with all the visitors that come through the market, while offering a menu that showcases how healthy food can taste great.”

RHK’s versatile menu features plenty for those on the go, ideal for a quick, guilt-free boost of energy. One look at the clean, colorful fare and you know you’re tasting the real thing.

“We make all of our menu items from scratch. The entire menu is 100% plant-based with special care towards organic, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Our made-to-order juices are the freshest, most nutritious and best-tasting liquid love one can consume,” explains Costa. “Our acai bowl is a game-changer. Texture, taste and toppings are deliciously combined to bring Fenway the best bowls in Boston. Our soups taste just like they were homemade, but a whole lot healthier. Our vegetable lentil is classic comfort while our split pea has become a loyal fan favorite.”