Tony Maws discusses the magic behind Craigie Burger

One of Boston’s most heated culinary debates — “who makes the best burger?” — might have been settled in 2010, when Chef Tony Maws’ lovingly-crafted burger landed on the cover of Bon Appetit. A decade later, crowds continue to form before opening at Craigie on Main, where only 18 classic versions are served each night. Here at Time Out Market Boston there’s Craigie Burger, where Maws — working with partners Michael Leviton (ex-Lumiere and Area Four) and Nick Zappia (ex-Blue Room, Belly and Central Bottle) — has scaled up the Craigie on Main burger experience. Beef comes from Northeast Family Farms, and is cooked to a real medium rare. The pillowy bun is a collaboration with Iggy’s bakery, and condiments are classic Craigie recipes. “We were sitting around bemoaning the state of the restaurant world. We had been hatching schemes for other projects that would allow us to bring something great to a wider swath of the population,” explains Maws. “When the good folks from Time Out Market had contacted us about doing a Craigie Burger concept, our mission became clear. We immediately set out to de-and re-construct the award winning, fancy pants Craigie on Main burger, into something available for a larger audience.” Diners choose from three varieties: The Craigie “OG” (sharp cheddar, Craigie ketchup); The Special (Swiss, kimchi Russian dressing); and The Steakburger (sharp cheddar, charred umami onions, burnt bread steak sauce). There’s also The Bowl, a bun-less burger option with crisp, fresh kale and a mix of other seasonal greens, freekeh, healthy seeds and a classic bistro vinaigrette. (“An homage to our roots at Craigie Street Bistrot,” says Maws.) Rounding out the experience are Craigie fries (togarashi, garlic chives, butter) and chili fries (featuring four-chile chili and sharp cheddar). “Time Out Market offers the perfect venue to debut Craigie Burger. We love everything about it: the landmark building, in a historic part of the city that is undergoing a tremendous transformation. We’re thrilled to play a small part in all of that,” explains the James Beard Award-winner. “Plus, don’t you want a juicy, all-natural beef cheeseburger while watching a day game cheering on our olde towne team, singing ‘Sweet Caroline’?”