Coastal Indian Cuisine

Bar Goa

Inspired by their travels in Goa—a coastal state in Western India—Manish and Rina Mallick (who also run West Loop Indian restaurant ROOH Chicago) created a menu that celebrates the pristine seafood, spicy curry and fluffy poi bread enjoyed by locals. Bar Goa’s menu at Time Out Market includes dishes like a chicken cafreal stew served with basmati rice, a pork vindaloo poi-wich (pictured above) and prawn balchao, which coats the fish in a pleasantly spicy sauce. You can add a side of peri peri fries to any dish and order bottled Indian soft drinks like Limca (lemon lime soda) or Thums Up (cola). As its name suggests, Bar Goa’s food is meant to be enjoyed with a drink—and you’ll find plenty of options at any Time Out Market Bar.