The local dishes you need to try

Chicago’s food scene is rich and diverse, offering adventurous fare from all over the world. But only a handful of dishes can really be called Chicago icons. Take a look at three of the city’s most noteworthy culinary contributions that will be served at Time Out Market Chicago.

Art’s special stuffed pizza at Art of Pizza: Though the origin of deep-dish pizza is often debated, the city’s devotion to the delicacy is uncontested. If you want to try a perfect version of the dish, order owner Art Shabez’s namesake slice, which is layered with gooey mozzarella, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green pepper, and onion. It’s all covered in a red sauce that bursts with vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh herbs. It won’t take more than a few bites for you to realize why this pizza joint has hit institution status.

The Original Chicago at Duck Inn Dogs: You didn’t think we’d open Time Out Market Chicago without a classic Chicago-style hot dog, did you? At Duck Inn Dogs, you can sample the ultimate take on the time-honored tradition, which has been gussied up with elevated ingredients. The sausage—a decadent blend of all-natural beef and duck fat—is grilled and topped with house-made relish, beer mustard, pickled serrano chilies, a fat pickle, garden-fresh tomatoes, raw onions and a dash of celery salt. Open wide!

Italian beef at Decent Beef: Acclaimed chef Kevin Hickey elevates a downright messy but absolutely quintessential local delicacy with his first-ever standalone concept devoted to the Italian beef. Pass the Wet Wipes—things are about to get real.