3 new restaurants!

Discover Time Out Market Dubai’s latest culinary treasures!

Three new culinary exceptional additions make their debut to the Time Out Market family. From fusion delights to artisanal treats, you won’t want to miss it.

Savor the best of American-Asian fusion at Little Jun’s, where mouthwatering bang bang cauliflower and the exquisite burnt garlic butter lobster roll awaits you. Our advice is to save some room for a slice of ‘Kelvin’s cake’ as well.

Transport yourself to the Amalfi coast with Onda by Alici. Taste the finest Italian-style seafood, from vibrant crudo to homemade pasta. Buon appetito!

Step into a world of French culinary artistry at Odeon. Delight in delicate pastries and cold cuts & cheese platters expertly crafted to perfection.

Home-grown, original, high quality food and drink from chefs passionate about the city in a venue dedicated to showing off the city’s best. What more could you want?