Spring-Summer collection
at L’Éclair

The Portuguese expression comer com os olhos – eating with your eyes – rarely makes more sense than with this new collection of éclairs. With the arrival of spring, L’Éclair’s range has been overhauled. In all it has 10 new éclairs, with six of those on offer at its outlet in the Time Out Market – although there may be additional surprises at weekends. For now the line-up here is as follows: Salted butter caramel, Lima-limão (Lime-lemon), Araguani chocolate, Paris-Brest, Pavlova and Violeta alperce (Violet apricot). Not all are new. Both the Paris-Brest and the salted caramel are classics, back due to customer demand…with improvements. This time around, the Paris-Brest has a praline buttercream, while the caramel includes a part with mascarpone. In keeping with the fact that the days are getting warmer, there are more fruit flavours in this collection than in the previous ones, some of them exotic. A couple of examples of this are the fruit-packed Lima-limão, made with Valrhona marzipan from Provence, pieces of lemon cake, lemongrass and meringue, and the Violeta alperce. As with previous collections, this one features the recreation of two classic desserts: the Pavlova and the Rum baba. The latter includes baked pineapple that is then flambéed with rum in the oven, and also comes with a pipette of rum that the customer can trickle over the babas that make up the éclair. Creativity and the urge to try out new ingredients are one of the trademarks of this pastry shop opened by Matthieu Croiger and João Henriques in 2014. So in this collection they have introduced a new ingredient, the tonka bean from South America, which can be tried in the éclair Tonka framboesa morango (Tonka raspberry strawberry), which with a bit of luck may be available at the market at weekends.