marisqueira azul marisqueira azul

Snacks at sundown

Forget the traffic jams or the fact that your skin is covered in salt and your hair tangled. There’s just one thing to do after the beach: snack. Sitting at an outdoor table at Marisqueira Azul for some serious snacks after a day at the beach can trigger some real déja vu. Everything served here, after all, comes straight from the seas off the Portuguese coast. The percebes (goose barnacles) are from the Berlengas islands, the shrimp and razor clams from the Algarve and the oysters from Setúbal, while the clams are prepared à Bulhão Pato (with garlic and coriander). You can order any of these types of shellfish individually, but if the idea is to go for a big snack then just one dish makes the grade: the mariscada Azul (pictured). Not least because nothing else will fit on your table. This huge platter of shellfish contains such wonders as clams, stuffed crab, goose barnacles, razor clams, oysters, shrimp and mussels, costs €79 and is for two or three people, but can easily feed four or more. The important thing is not to forget the draught beer. As is traditional in any marisqueira worthy of the name, the meal should end with dessert: a great “prego do lombo” (sirloin steak in the bread).