Masterkids Cookery course





4 sessions


Mercado da Ribeira
Avenida 24 de Julho

1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal

For kids who are not afraid to take risks and who want to learn how to cook, we will be starting from the beginning, with the basics: how to cut and cook both vegetables and proteins, not forgetting pastry making. Course members will come away from these four two-hour sessions with important culinary skills that will enable them to start out with confidence in the incredible world of cooking. 4 sessions: 21, 28 October, 4 & 11 November, 11am (1hr30 each session); €120. Children from 10.Lesson 1: Vegetables In this lesson you will start by learning some of the terms most often used in the kitchen and get to know the most-used knives and other utensils. You will also learn the basic techniques of cutting vegetables, so that you can then cook an absolutely delicious meal. Recipes: Ratatouille. Techniques: vegetable cuts.Lesson 2: Proteins In a lesson dedicated to proteins, we will teach you how to make two recipes based on two different forms: meat and fish. Recipes: Stuffed chicken breast, fish nuggets.Lesson 3: Risotto In this lesson you will learn to make the best ever risotto. We start with the stock, the sofritto and all the techniques for a real Italian risotto. Recipes: Mushroom risotto. Techniques: Stocks, risotto.Lesson 4: Pastry making – Perfect chocolate cake In this lesson we will teach you all you need to know to make a perfect cake from scratch, for a birthday or other special occasion: cake and icing. Prepare for an incredibly sweet lesson. Recipes: Chocolate cake & icing. Techniques: Use of oven and importance of different temperatures, mixing methods.