Masterkids: Cookery Course



4 aulas

120 €

This course is for kids who want to learn how to cook, and who aren’t afraid to take risks. We’ll begin at the beginning, that is with culinary basics: how to cut and cook ingredients, from vegetables to sources of protein, without leaving out cakes and pastries. Over four sessions, each of two hours, participants will pick up the most important skills that will enable them to step into the world of cooking with confidence.Lesson 1: VegetablesIn this lesson you’ll start by learning some of the terms bandied about in the kitchen and get to know the knives and utensils that are most often used. You’ll also learn basic techniques for cutting vegetables, so that you can then make an absolutely delicious recipe. Recipes: RatatouilleTechnique: cutting vegetablesLesson 2: Sources of protein (meat and fish)In a lesson dedicated to protein, we’ll teach you how to make two recipes that feature two different sources of it: meat and fish.Recipes: Stuffed chicken breast, fish nuggetsLesson 3: RisottoIn this lesson you’ll learn how to make the best risotto ever. We start with the stock, the sofritto (sauteéd vegetables) and all the techniques for a real Italian risotto.Recipes: Mushroom risottoTechniques: Stocks, risottoLesson 4: Pastry making – The perfect chocolate cakeIn this lesson we’ll teach you everything you need to know to make from scratch a cake that’s perfect for a birthday or any other occasion. Both cake and icing – get ready for an incredibly sweet lesson.Recipes: Chocolate cake, icingTechniques: Use of oven and importance of different temperatures, methods to mix doughs.Wednesday afternoon, July 4, 11, 18 & 25, 5pm Price: €120. FOR CHILDREN FROM AGE 10. Maximum: 10 children