Kitchen Skills Cookery Course – Level 1




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4 sessions

140 03/03/2022500

Avenida 24 de Julho
1200-479 Mercado da Ribeira, Portugal
Mercado da Ribeira

Do you want to be an ace chef? The Time Out Academy has put together a Kitchen Skills course, open to all who want to learn or perfect their culinary skills. Organised by level and subdivided into various sessions, it helps you learn the basics of cooking and its techniques, so that you complete each level with the solid knowledge necessary to progress in the art of cooking. The course combines the teaching of techniques with practical examples, applied in recipes that you will prepare and then taste at the end of the lesson, to become a veritable master chef. Lesson 1: Basic pastry making – March 3, 7.30pm In this lesson we’ll introduce you to the world of pastry making. Starting with the basics, we’ll cover the classic doughs used for desserts and use them in some of the most delicious recipes ever. Recipes to make: goat’s cheese and caramelised onion galette, apple pie, profiteroles. Lesson 2: Culinary vocabulary & cutting vegetables – March 10, 7.30pm In this lesson you’ll start by learning some of the terms most commonly used in the kitchen and getting to know knives and other utensils used. You’ll also learn the basic ways of cutting vegetables, before exploring some of the recipes where these techniques are essential in adding a touch more sophistication to the dishes. Recipes to make: ratatouille, minestrone. Lesson 3: Rice, stocks & soups – March 17, 7.30pm You’ll learn everything about how to make the best stocks and their vast range of uses. From rice to soups, you can’t go wrong with these techniques, which will make you an expert in the kitchen. Recipes to make: pilau rice and Vichyssoise. Lesson 4: Preparing meat & fish; introduction to sauces – March 24, 7.30pm In a lesson dedicated to the main sources of protein, you’ll learn how to choose, cut and prepare meat and fish. There will also be an introduction to sauces, starting with the classics and ‘mother’ sauces, so that you can create the best recipes. Recipes to make: gilt-head bream with beurre blanc sauce, sirloin steak with port-wine sauce, potatoes mousseline. Maximum number of participants – 10. Length of each lesson – 2hr30 to 3hrs.