tea licor beirao

Drink to keep warm

Some run, some huddle up next to the fireplace or heater, others jump around, all to warm up on cold days. Here at the Time Out Market we have some other ideas to raise your body temperature.

Tea with Licor Beirão The idea of “warming up” with a glass or two of something isn’t new, but this idea from Licor Beirão – a Portuguese brand with a stall in the Time Out Market – of adding a few drops of its famous herbal liqueur of the same name to herbal tea (linden, lemon balm, lemon verbena etc.) is a great combination. What would be even more perfect would be to have a couple of homemade biscuits to dunk into it. And they do. €2

Hot chocolate from Bettina Corallo If cocoa sorbet from Bettina Corallo is a hit in summer – and, let’s be honest, the rest of the year as well – hot chocolate from this outfit specialising in the purest of artisanal chocolate is ideal for winter. Made with 100% pure cocoa, mineral water and muscovado sugar, hot chocolate was already a bestseller at the Bettina Corallo shop and the same is now true at its new space here in the Time Out Market. While you wait for your cup, take the chance to run your eye over the chocolate delicacies on display. €3

Mulled wine at the Quiosque do Cais It isn’t that long ago that drinking mulled wine was a very un-Portuguese habit. It was more something that people did when they visited northern Europe. While in those countries temperatures drop a lot lower than they do in Portugal, mulled wine is a proven recipe to combat the cold, so why not recognise that and adopt the fashion here? That is what the Quiosque do Cais – the red kiosk on Praça Dom Luís I – has done, offering mulled wine (€4) to enjoy the outdoor seating as if it were summer. €4

Toranja socks Since we’re on the subject of combatting the cold, socks seem like an excellent complement. After presenting us with the work of one of Portugal’s top illustrators, now Toranja wants to warm our feet up with a new sock collection. The idea is that visitors take Lisbon back not only in their hearts, but also on their feet. Sardinhes, trams, tile designs, swallows, poet Fernando Pessoa, the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge – all the main city icons can be found on this new collection of socks for children and adults (€9.90).