Toasting Christmas at the Academy

For some it’s too early to talk about Christmas dinners;for others it’snever too soon. The team at the Time Out Academy, the Market’s cookery school, is ready for the season. Come and see! This space, located in the heart of the food hall, celebrates the love of good food, but also toasts “for anything and everything” as well as heartfelt laughter, healthy culinary disputes and meals that remain in the memory forever.

When there’s a dinner party, the kitchen is the place where everyone wants to be. That’s why the Time Out Academy brings together the best of both worlds: a kitchen where you dine, but where nothing is obvious, and where all kinds of culinary formats are on offer. Team buildings, workshops, competitions, dinners or lunches – the range of choice is huge. It’s as broad as the culinary themes you can choose from: from world cuisines to the most traditional of Portuguese dishes. All this right in the middle of a food hall where the best restaurants and chefs in the city are gathered. What better inspiration can there be?!

Since it’s Christmas, the Time Out Academy team has created five menus suitable for the season (and a few more different ones), to be put into practice in a workshop format, where Miguel Mesquita, the Time Out Academy duty chef, teaches you how to cook a starter and a main course. Dessert is on the house.

There’s a wide variety on offer, because these Christmas menus aren’t all about the Portuguese seasonal staple of codfish. And just to whet your appetite, in addition to a Bacalhau à Ribeira, an Alentejo-style pork tenderloin and a creamy prawn-and-cod rice, you can also choose from a more oriental menu – with influences from India, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia – or a Latin one like Mexico or Peru. The menu matters, of course, but it’s the fun that counts. And here at the Time Out Academy we celebrate the love of food, the endless toasts, the heartfelt laughter, the kitchen tricks that work and give us the confidence to make a splash the next time we have people round for dinner at home. And as well as dessert at the end of dinner here at the Academy, there’s another treat: you don’t have to do the dishes.

Menu prices range from €45 to €65 per person and include workshop, dinner and drinks. For more information contact the Time Out Academy at 91 338 3935 or email [email protected]