Susana felicidade

Felicidade joins the chef’s wing

2022 will, without a doubt, be a happy year for chef Susana Felicidade. As her surname means ‘Happiness’, it’s an easy pun, but after some time without opening anything new, this year the chef has gone returned to her Algarve origins and opened a new beachside restaurant, Cal, on Praia da Arrifana, in Aljezur. Now, before the year ended, she opened a new space in her own name at the Time Out Market, joining the wing of the chefs.

Felicidade’s name is not, however, entirely new at the Time Out Market. From the very first day, she was a part of this project with her Cozinha da Felicidade – a space that started by offering the best of what has made the chef famous at her Taberna Ideal and Petiscaria Ideal, and also at Pharmácia. Eight years on, her cuisine has matured further, and she has many more novelties to share.

“The signature of my cuisine will continue to be based on Algarve food – the most regional and traditional – focussing on the Vicentine Coast region and its most iconic products,” says the chef. Fish, shellfish, molluscs, sweet potatoes, alcagoita (the local name for peanuts), xerém (cornmeal), legumes, pork from the Iberian black pig, carob, almonds, oranges, figs, muxama (dried tuna) are among the regional products that the chef will have on her menu. It will, she adds, ” be a kitchen of memories, but with a touch of modernity, as signature cuisine demands.”

On the menu at her new space there are must-try dishes such as an Algarve hummus, chickpea salad with codfish and cream of Algarve carrots, a sardine tiborna (open sandwich), tomato salad and roasted peppers with oregano, Iberian black pork with figs, monkfish rice, two or three vegetarian dishes with products and flavours from the Algarve and a delicious alcagoita butter ice-cream with salted carob caramel. We’re looking forward to this new phase of chef Susana Felicidade’s work.