We’re closing (but we’ll be right back)

With fewer and fewer customers in the restaurants and shops of downtown Lisbon and in the light of the new measures announced by the Government for the coming weeks following the increase in the rate of coronavirus infections in the city, Time Out Market takes the view that keeping open a space that competes directly with the best deals in the city does not make sense.

In essence, the Time Out brand supports and promotes the best deals in the city and that is what we will continue to do (even behind closed doors). At this stage it is essential to listen to the needs of our tenants. And right now that means allowing them the scope to focus on their original restaurants. A space like the Time Out Market, which is one of the city’s biggest visitor attractions, with very high costs and a weighty infrastructure, cannot continue to ask its tenants to commit to the dispersion of their own customers.

As at the beginning of March, it now seems to us that this is the most responsible and supportive attitude towards our employees, partners and the city itself.

Until our return, we will continue to promote the best in the city, as we have always done. The next time you miss the Time Out Market, make a point of supporting the incredible teams at the outfits represented in Time Out Market Lisboa by visiting these spaces or ordering for take away or delivery. This is the only way that the Time Out Market can return in good shape, more committed than ever to showing that Lisbon has the best in the world to offer. That is our concept.