Back to (cookery) school

If your holidays in Portugal are coming to an end it is possible that the only food-related thoughts going through your head have to do with diets. But perhaps that will change when you see the workshops on offer at the Time Out Academy in September.

Just to pique your appetite, this month’s ‘Market chef’ course is led by one of Portugal’s (and Europe’s) most interesting and creative chefs. Alexandre Silva has formed part of the chefs’ wing of the Time Out Market from the start. Time Out Lisboa has followed him from the start, with his first restaurant, Bocca, earning an almost unprecedented 6 stars from the magazine’s food critics, and he now heads one of the city’s most promising venues, LOCO. On 21 September he will be coming into the Time Out Academy to give a workshop in which he will share the secrets of some of his recipes and techniques.

Also back is one of the Academy’s most original formats. This month’s ‘Cook a book’ – a workshop in which participants cook recipes from a well-known cookery book, is to be dedicated to “Appetites: A Cookbook”, by Anthony Bourdain, the peripatetic chef and television presenter who passed away in June. First published in 2016 and since then in many languages, including Portuguese, “Apetites” contains Bourdain’s favourite recipes, collected over three decades, on his travels and in the exercise of his original profession. According to Bourdain himself the book offers “a repertoire of dishes that we should all know and know how to cook.” At the end of the workshop, participants also take a copy of the book home.

As well as the usual ‘World cuisines’ workshops that return this month – Vietnam (22 September) and Peru (28 September) ¬– with new recipes to learn and practise, is a new one. Korean cuisine will be the focus of a workshop on 29 September, in which you can discover classics such bibimbap (meat, vegetables and rice).

For more information about the September schedule, visit the Time Out Academy’s Facebook page or email or phone 91 338 3935. Tickets on sale via and other ticket agencies and at the Market ticket office (ground floor).