Bacalhau Natal 2022 Academia

Cooking, dining and toasting Christmas at the Academy

The team at the Time Out Academy, the cooking school in the Market, is already prepared for the Christmas season. In this dedicated space in the food hall, we celebrated our love of good food, as well as the healthy culinary debates and some unforgettable meals.

At a dinner party, the kitchen is the one place everyone wants to be. That’s why the Time Out Academy brings together the best of both worlds: a kitchen where you dine, but where everyone gets down to work and cooks their own dinner, overseen by chef Miguel Mesquita.

In time for Christmas, the Time Out Academy has created four seasonal menus to be put into practice in a workshop in which the chef will teach participants how to cook a starter and a main (dessert is on the house). But these menus are not just about the Portuguese Christmas staple of bacalhau. Just to whet your appetite, apart from the traditional confit of cod there are other dishes to learn how to cook, such as a flavoursome pad thai.

The menu matters, of course, but what really counts is having fun. And here at Time Out Academy that is guaranteed. And besides the dessert at the end of the dinner, there’s another sweet surprise. You won’t have to do the dishes.

Menu prices per person range from €40 to €55 and include workshop, dinner and drinks. For more information, contact the Time Out Academy on 913383935, or e-mail [email protected]