Ten (good) reasons to come back to the Market in September

Salsa in the Market Flavours and seasonings are in plentiful supply in the Time Out Market, but on the first Wednesday of the month there is also a bit of extra spice. It’s the day for Salsa, the queen of Latin dances, in the Market food hall, from 8 to 11.45pm, with everyone welcome to come and dance.

Baião in the Market The first Friday of the month is set aside for forró – jaunty Brazilian country music also known as baião – and has established itself as a meeting place for people who want to dance. From 10pm to 1.30am you are invited to join the party – whether you know the steps or not.

Quiosque do Cais party The Quiosque do Cais – the kiosk in the garden just next to the Market, the Jardim Dom Luís I – has been holding parties to liven up the place all summer. On Thursday, 6 September, the evening is organised by producer Ar Livre. The day after, Sonidera takes over the kiosk. Caroline Lethô and Lobo will be DJ-ing from 4 to 11pm.

Lisboa Open House Being able to peep into spaces that are normally closed to the public and given a guided tour by an architect or someone else who can tell amazing stories about the place is an idea from abroad that, in Lisbon, has become a huge success. Open House, now part of the Trienal de Arquitectura event, is back on 22 and 23 September and this year includes the Time Out Market. Check out the whole programme at www.trienaldelisboa.com

World Cuisines workshop: Korea This month the Time Out Academy is unveiling a new World Cuisine in the shape of Korea, with its fresh, flavourful ingredients. Bibimbap is the dish we are focussing on. 29 September, 8pm; length – 2hrs; €35 (includes workshop, dinner & drinks).

‘Time Out: 50 years, 50 covers’ exhibition Back in 1968, Tony Elliot created a magazine for Londoners to know what was going on in teir city. Fifty years on, the same successful formula has been followed in 108 cidades in 39 countries. The biggest celebrations will be in London, obviously, but in the Time Out Market the milestone will be marked with an exhibition showcasing 50 of the best and most iconic covers of the various Time Out From 28 September to 28 October, when you come into the Market remember to look up at the ceiling.

Soul Train matinée On the last Sunday of the month the Time Out Studio fills with soul, funk, dancing and life, with Soul Train Lisboa, the big Sunday afternoon party organised by Soul Brothers. 30 September, 5-11pm; €7.50 (includes one drink).

Market chef: Alexandre Silva Every month the Time Out Academy invites one of the Market’s resident chefs to come and share the recipes, techniques and secrets of his star dishes. In September it is the turn of Alexandre Silva, chef at LOCO and part of the Time Out Market from the start. 21 September, 8pm; length – 2hrs: €40 (includes workshop, dinner & drinks).

Masterkids: Back to school If your mini-chefs like cooking, sign them up for these two Masterkids sessions. On 9 September at 11am, they can come and learn how to make healthy breakfasts with super-fast oatmeal pancakes and granola, while on 29 September they will be learning how to make delicious and health cereal bars to take to school. Price €25 (1 child + 1 adult). Email academia@timeoutmarket.com

The same old reasons No other place in Lisbon has so much good food and drink to offer per square metre as the Time Out Market. And even though there are only 24 hours in the day and a stomach cannot cope with all of it at once, it is here that should come when you want to eat and drink well, whether in the restaurants of Michelin-starred chefs, picking up pastéis de nata (custard tarts) from the Manteigaria, or downing a cocktail at the Time Out Bar, to name but a few.