Time Out Market Lisboa TOM Vista aerea

We are open!

More than three months later, the doors of the Time Out Market Lisboa open again. But first be aware of Time Out Market’s ten new commandments.

1) You will return to the place where many happy hours have been spent , eating and drinking the best of the city chosen by Time Out Lisboa magazine, from the 1st of July. Not without first being informed and aware of all the rules for enjoying the space. The entrance will be made only through two doors and it will be there that all the customers will pass and be aware of the new rules: put on a mask, clean hands and shoes. Then just enter and enjoy the restaurants and shops at the Time Out Market.

2) You will practice physical distancing, but not social. We have always been a space for social interaction, we will continue to be with the proper distance and with the necessary rules. Having a conversation with the neighbour at the next table will be more difficult, but not impossible. Be creative.

3) You will remove your mask just when sit at the table, eating, drinking and talking . Whenever there is circulation through the market space, the mask will have to be put on.

4) You will reserve a table to guarantee a seat. What we were asked for has become a reality: from now on it is possible to reserve a table in a Time Out Market area. Reservations are made through the Time Out Shop, at the following telephone number 21 3470391. (service temporarily unavailable)

5) You will use the alcohol-gel in your hands whenever necessary. Whether it is at the entrance of the market or in more than 40 devices spread across the market. For sensitive hands, washing them with soap in the toilets will do, too.

6) You will pass a card in every space in the market , in restaurants. The market is now a cashless space. This means that the money (notes and coins) is kept in the wallet, or in the Time Out store, where it can be loaded onto a payment card to be used anywhere in the market.

7) You will covet your neighbor’s plate without disregarding the safety distance. The eyes also eat and since they are one of the things that are still in sight, use them to know where that dish came from.

8) You will enroll in an Academy course to learn how to cook and amend all the culinary blunders that were committed during the quarantine. We know that for some confinement was an opportunity to deepen their culinary skills, for others it was a painful obligation, but for others it was a discovery of a talent they did not know. For any of these cases, the team at Academia Time Out has a solution. Just take a look at the July agenda.

9) You will remind the new opening hours of the Time Out Market. We continue to open doors at 10.00, but now we close every day at 23.00.

10) You will be eating and drinking all the Time Out Market classics , without ever forgetting these safety rules instituted by Time Out Market.