Christmas dinner parties at Academy

Now that the cold is setting in and the city’s shopping streets and malls are decked out with Christmas decorations, it is high time to start thinking about where to reserve a table for your seasonal dinner or dinners. We use the plural because we know that there is the one for your jogging friends, the one for the work colleagues that you hang out with, the one for your oldest friends, for your childhood friends, for your college friends, etc. To sum up, there are lots and you need some variety. What the Time Out Academy has to offer is very different from the traditional dinner in a Lisbon restaurant. Instead, the Time Out Market cookery school is proposing a format that is much more fun. The idea is that everyone comes to cook their own dinner, whether in the form of a workshop or in a competition between teams. The theme of the workshop can be chosen according to the group’s tastes (from traditional Portuguese cuisine to Thai) or based on one of the menus proposed by the Academy team, at a price of €35 or €40 per person. Then it’s just a matter of rolling up your sleeves and learning to cook under the watchful eye of the head chef. At the end, pull up a seat and enjoy the meal you have just prepared. You can be sure that, just as at a traditional staff party, you can end it with a tie stuck to your forehead. To reserve and for more information contact or 91 3383935.