Land and sea joined once more in new menu at O Surf & Turf

While some boast of bringing the sea to your plate, chef Kiko Martins manages to go one better at O Surf & Turf. All his dishes result from a perfect union between ingredients form the sea and the land.

After almost two years in the Time Out Market, chef Kiko’s O Surf & Turf is still “playing” with flavours from sea and land. Kiko Martins has just unveiled a new menu that, in his words, is more objective and democratic, making it easier for the customer to choose. To sum up: it has two dishes with bacalhau (salt codfish), two with octopus, and two based on rice.

“I’ve tried to use in the menu all the ingredients from the sea and land that people like best and that have most to do with Portuguese identity and culture,” he explains. “In the case of the sea, that is above all codfish and octopus, and in the case of the land, there are ingredients such as chouriço (cured sausage) and presunto (cured ham), which are very traditional for Portugal. Then it was just a matter of linking things up in all these dishes.”

Prawns and bacon is the new starter that joins classics such as Spring rolls with porco preto (pork from the Iberian black pig) and prawns, and the famous White fish ceviche with pork popcorn. “You can’t touch the classics,” the chef admits.

The two risottos on the new menu follow the Portuguese saying “os olhos também comem” (you also eat with your eyes). Risotto nero with prawn and pork pocorn (€16.80) makes na impression with its colour, while Duck and katsuobushi (€16.60) makes a splash as soon as it lands on your table. Katsuobushi is tasty flakes of dried, fermented tuna that grace the top of your risotto. But it is only when you dig in that you taste the shiitake mushrooms that are used in the stock and the croquette made from duck meat that has been marinated, roasted and then shredded. “It’s a dish with a very special flavour, with lots of umami thanks to the katsuobushi”, explains the chef. No new desserts have been added, but the choice is still a good one.