Read, eat and buy

At first it was a magazine that helped you explore the city, then the magazine spread to the market; now the market (and the Time Out brand) have come to life in a store.

Anyone who has visited the Time Out Market lately will have noticed a new arrival right in the middle of the building: the Time Out Shop. Here there’s no food or drink to buy, but rather a line of merchandising – branded products designed by the Time Out Market team. These include items for the kitchen and a lot more, combining market icons such as the pig and the chicken with Lisbon city icons such as a calçada portuguesa paving stones or building façades tiled with azulejos. There are T-shirts (€15-€18), enamel mugs (€17), aprons for children and adults (€19-€22), cookery kits with wooden spoons (€12), and other products such as pencils, key-rings and magnets. This is no ‘soft’ opening, but rather a preliminary one. The final Time Out Shop is to be located on the market’s first floor, and is to be a lot larger – with a modular format – and a wider range of products, as well as incorporating the Time Out Market ticket office and the stall selling magazines, newspapers and tobacco that currently functions on the ground floor. And just as the idea of the Time Out Market started in Lisbon, the first floor premises won’t be the last stop for the Time Out Shop: from here the idea is to take it to other markets that the group is aiming to open around the world. Next stop: Miami.