Bifana Frade

The best sandwiches in the Market

A sandwich is not just a simple and convenient food that you can eat in a few bites. There are sandwiches that are meant to be eaten slowly, savouring every element, as is the case with these from different parts of the Market.

La Focaccia – Libertà Pasta Bar

With such a good menu, it’s not easy to choose what to eat at the terrace or counter of Libertà Pasta Bar. From its original antipasti to the handmade pasta made right here, everything looks like a good option. But in the midst of it all, there’s one that might go unnoticed – a toasted homemade focaccia sandwich with Italian pistachio mortadella, straciatella (the stage of cheese just before burrata) and a Genovese pesto. Prepare yourself to salivate at the first bite. €13.50

Frade-style pork steak – O Frade

With O Frade being one of the flagships of good traditional Portuguese food, with special emphasis on the Alentejo region, a tender bifana pork steak just had to be on the menu of this space that opened in the Time Out Market in August 2022. It isn’t just any bifana: it’s made with two different types of pork – the loin and the neck – marinated overnight in paprika, garlic and beer. The bread for the sandwich is the traditional kind for a bifana, and there are fried potatoes on the side. This option is only available in the food hall, or as take-away. €7.50

Croquette sandwich – Croqueteria

If you have the best croquettes in town, put them in a brioche roll and call it a croquette sandwich. This is what Croqueteria has done, in a playful creation that has nevertheless become one of its greatest successes. The client chooses which flavour of croquette, from the various ones available, that they want to put in the brioche bread, adds a leaf of lettuce and sauces, and voila! €7.50

Pork neck from Iberian black pig – Chef Susana Felicidade

In the new space of chef Susana Felicidade at the Time Out Market all the dishes are a reflection of her Algarve-influenced cuisine, featuring many of the products that make the region’s cuisine so rich. That’s the case with the pork from the Iberian black pig pork that is the start of this pork neck sandwich, with mustard, pickled red onion and cucumber. The perfect accompaniment is a wine from the same region. €9.80

Pork shavings from Iberian black pig, with cheese – Manteigaria Silva

The Manteigaria Silva pork viruta sandwich is already a hit at the Manteigaria Silva shop in the Market. Now add to this the smoothest, tastiest cured ham, a beautiful Serra sheep’s cheese, all inside a crusty wheat roll, and we have a sandwich that is good enough to stop traffic. €8.50