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Four new dishes to try on the market

The classics that make the market famous are still here, but there is always something new. Discover some of the things that Time Out Market’s chefs and restaurants have just launched.

Codfish cakes skewers from Terra do Bacalhau

If there is something that is easy to eat, it is the codfish pastel. You can almost swallow it in one bite, but at the Terra do Bacalhau kiosk there is now a new way to eat this icon of Portuguese gastronomy. A skewer with 2 mini codfish cakes, one with olives, the other with peppers. A creation created to celebrate the 8 years of Time Out Market, but that is here to stay. €1.95

New Desserts from chef Marlene Vieira

There is news in chef Marlene Vieira’s desserts window. And it’s a beautiful and refreshing life that lives now here. In addition to the Abade de Priscos pudding, there is now this beautiful “Merengue Passion Fruit Tart”, an “Azorean Pineapple Roll” and “Chocolate Textures”. €5.50 each.

Black Pork ham Taco from Manteigaria Silva

The ham from Manteigaria goes well in any format, on a board combined with a little cheese, stuffed in a fig, in a very fresh salad or in a Taco. Manteigaria’s new creation combines a taco with guacamole, lettuce, black pork ham and chilli. €8.50

Veggie Tempura from Confraria

From uramakis to temakis, pokes and sashimi, everything is good in Confraria’s fusion sushi. Recently their vegetarian and vegan menu has grown. This Veggie Tempura is one of the latest additions. It has asparagus, green beans, carrots and shiso leaf. €12.50