ciclo preparatorio sextas mata bicho

Sextas Mata-bicho

On 1 July, the Time Out Market reopened its doors, ending more than three months without biting into a single pastel de nata or any other signature dish. Just as we are breaking this gastronomic fast, so we want to welcome back culture, and in particular, music, into our lives. So from 10 July until August, the food hall of the Time Out Market will be hosting ‘Sextas mata-bicho’ (literally Breakfast Fridays), a concert with a difference, every Friday. There will be no crowds or gatherings, just a concert, with a musician/band, and that ambience that only music can offer. That, plus good food and drink. The sweet voice of Brazilian singer Carol Mello, from São Paulo, marks the first of the Sextas Mata-bicho at the Time Out Market, on 10 July, with originala as well as classics from Elis Regina and Edu Lobo. After that, there are Portugal’s own Ciclo Preparatório (17 July), Marinho (24 July), Sequin (31 July) and S. Pedro (7 August). Every Friday at 7.30pm. Admission is free, but capacity is limited, as is the number of seats. If you want to reserve a table (for up to eight people) call 213 470 391 or send an email to [email protected]