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Follow that orange glass

In February, the month of love, you might expect thAnd Time Out Market to wrap itself in red, but after all it has become more orange. The cause is Aperol Spritz, which has just opened a kiosk in the Market.

In 1919, in Venice, the Barbieri brothers launched a vibrant new orange drink, made from bitter orange, rhubarb and various herbs and roots, aimed at businessmen and to be drunk at the end of the day.

In Italy, the “glass at the end of the day” is known as an aperitivo, a kind of happy hour when Aperol Spritz is the beverage that has been most ordered since the 1950s, and especially since 2003, when Campari acquired the brand and positioned it as “the perfect beverage for social occasions”. The fashion stuck, which given the size of the country, with a rich and diverse cuisine varying from region to region, is amazing: that one drink is so widely popular.

In Portugal, the fashion arrived two years ago and has been growing “to the point of no longer need to explain to people what this orange drink is,” says Manuel dos Santos, who runs the Aperol kiosk in the Market.

Aperol, a good Prosecco, sparkling water and a slice of good orange. It seems a simple recipe, but the truth is that there are tricks for the perfect Aperol, such as using fizzy water with a low content of salts (most Portuguese waters are very salty) and the size and shape of the ice.

As the name implies, an aperitivo is to be drunk before eating and is supposed to whet the appetite for a meal. In the case of the kiosk that has just opened in the middle of the Time Out Market, given what surrounds it the task seems to us to be fairly easy. From the cheese and ham boards of Manteigaria Silva to the snacks from top chefs, Aperol Spritz does not lack for good company. Aperol Spritz: €6