Tartine 3.0

Tartine has undergone a revamp. The eggs Benedict and breakfast juices are still there, but now with strong competition from the rest of the day’s offerings.

Hot dogs – Cheesy chilli, Sneaky Peaky and Batista – are the new “darlings” at Tartine, resulting from a challenge issued to chef Tomás Pires to dream up a new approach to a classic product.

The end result was a hot dog that is handmade from start to finish. The brioche bun – a Tartine exclusive – is made with a slow fermentation method, the pork and chilli sausages are a special recipe and even the pickles and sauces are made in-house.

Bread, a product whose quality that has always characterised Tartine, is the common element on the current menu. From the tartines to the hot dogs, the brioche bread, specially made in-house, is the base for everything.

Tartine has always been strong in morning meals – both breakfast and brunch – and the brand is maintaining that commitment. Hence the neon sign ‘The Wake Up Call’ now on display in the new shop. On this side of the stall, the eggs, the shrimp and avocado salads, and the tartines are all still available. On the other side, the emphasis is on the hot dogs.

The Tartine that is now presented in the same space it has occupied since 2019 at Time Out Market is not a new one, but “a modernisation of the old Tartine”, according to Henrique Mesquita, one of the partners.

“We felt our audience was changing and that our image was not aligned with our customers,” he explains. “We felt it was time to focus on offering them original dining experiences.”

And from morning to night, they will continue to find options for every meal of the day.