Tartine ovos benedict tartine

Tartine: all day breakfast

Tartine opened in the Time Out Market with a mission: to give new meaning to the most important meal of the day, breakfast, which is served here from 9 in the morning to 11 at night.

Back when hardly anyone in Portugal knew what mother dough was, Tartine had already sought out a French baker to be able to work with the most trustworthy raw material for their bread. But man does not live from bread alone, not even at Tartine, which has a range of great breads. As well as a bakery, it is a pastry shop and a restaurant specialising in light meals.

It was in 2012 that a family of amateur chefs resolved to open a space where they could share a little of what they were doing at home. Inspired by businesses such as Le Pain Quotidien, which they got to know on family trips abroad, they opened a store in Chiado that rapidly became an obligatory and favourite place to drop in for many locals. The factors here were the light meals such as the tartines that give the place its name – a slice of bread with one of a range of toppings; the cakes – like the famous Chiado, created here as a homage to the neighbourhood; and also the many egg dishes on the menu. Where it comes to eggs, Tartine beats anywhere else in town hollow. To start with, the eggs they use are organic and they are prepared in myriad ways, including Benedict, Royale, Florentine, boiled and scrambled. All these bestsellers at the Chiado premises are now available at the Time Out Market, in the new store that Tartine have just opened and that will meet a need that has been felt in the Time Out Market as far as the availability of breakfasts and light meals goes. As well as their sweet tarts, eggs and other light dishes, their fresh juices, pancakes and salads, they are bringing to the market new products, such as sandwiches whose recipes they have been perfecting for several months now.

“From breakfast to lunch” is the promise of this new space that will serve sandwiches, salads, eggs and other options throughout the day. The market opens at 10am, but Tartine is open from 9am to serve the most important meal of the day. The good news is that this new outlet serves breakfasts for (almost) all time zones. And if you want to take something away to eat later, Tartine will also pack up their sandwiches for you to take with you.