caril marlene vieira

Going vegan, colourfully

Bettina Corallo cocoa sorbet

There are chocolate ices and then there is the cocoa sorbet at de Bettina Corallo – which is a must. It is only to be expected at a place that makes the best artisanal chocolate to be found the city and beyond. The cocoa that goes into their chocolate bars, bonbons and sorbet comes from various different countries – in this case Venezuela. Only moscovado sugar is added to it – it contains no lecithin on vanilla – so it is perfectly suitable for vegan diets. €3

Vegetable curry with aromatic rice

Chef Marlene Vieira was the first one in the Market to offer a different dish every day – from octopus to roast beef – but that’s not all she can boast. Vegetarians can eat a different main every day of the week. Two of these dishes are also recommended for those who follow a strictly vegan diet: the vegetable curry with aromatic rice, served on Saturdays, and the roast vegetables (without Ilha cheese) on Wednesdays. €9.90

Kurma curry at Asian Lab

The menu at Asian Lab may be shorter, but the flavours have only improved. And this Kurma curry – with vegetables only – is a great example. It’s na Indian curry made with toasted spieces, with a creamy textury and quite hot, but with the flavours of the vegetables and nuts coming through. Their curries – both Thai and this one from India – are made from scratch daily. €11

Fusilli with roasted summer vegetables and basil

Cooking legumes and vegetables can often be more of a challenge than preparing meat or fish, but for a chef such as João Rodrigues it’s not a problem. A simple pasta dish of fusilli with roast summer vegetables (€9.50) takes on a whole new flavour in his hands. The same can be said for the other dish that’s appropriate for vegans on the menu, which features many other made with meat, shellfish and other Portuguese products. The roast cauliflower with chickpeas and hazelnut (€9) can be ordered as a meal or as just a snack to pick at with a glass of wine. It’s certainly not a side dish. €9.50