Workshop no mercado indonesia nasi goreng

Around the world in eight cookery workshops

Few things can take us out of ourselves so readily as the aroma of a dish from another part of the world. Given that this is the easiest way to travel, this month we propose voyages around different cuisines at the Time Out Academy, the Market’s cookery school. Peru

First stop is this South American country to learn more about its flavourful cuisine; the stress is on classic ceviches but there are fusion ones, too. In this workshop you will learn how to make creole ceviche, classic ceviche and leche de tigre (‘tiger’s milk’, the citrus-based marinade). Friday, 2 October, 8pm, length 2hrs. Double ticket: €70 (includes workshop, dinner & drinks).


Risotto and fresh pasta, two symbols of Italian cuisine that this month form part of the Time Out Academy itinerary. On 3 October, at 8pm, Miguel Mesquita will teach you all the tricks you need to make a delicious risotto, from the choice of rice to the stock made from scratch. On the last day of the month, at 11 am, the stars of the workshop are tagliatelle and spaghetti with spinach al sugo de pomodoro and some delicious tordelli with cheese and basil. Double ticket: €70 (includes workshop, meal & drinks).


A workshop devoted to dim sum, the tasty snacks that are steamed in bamboo baskets. In this workshop led by chef Miguel Mesquita you Will learn to make wonton soup, pork buns and delicious steamed pork. The lunch that follows is the testo f what you have learned. 17 October, 11am, length 2hrs. Double ticket: €70 (includes workshop, lunch & drinks).


The voyage goes on to Japan, with the chance to learn how to make your very own ramen dish step by step: the stock, the perfectly cooked egg and all the other ingredients. At the end, there is time to make okonomiyaki, a wheat pancake that is another Japanese speciality. 17 October, 8pm, length 2hrs. Double ticket: €70 (includes workshop, dinner & drinks).


One of the world’s richest cuisines, characterised by the liberal use of spices and herbs, here showcased in a workshop where vegetables take centre stage. Come and learn how to make aloo methi (potatoes with fenugreek) and baingan ka bharta (grilled aubergine). 24 October, 8pm, length 2hrs. Double ticket: €70 (includes workshop, dinner & drinks).


One of the voyages that the Time Out Academy most enjoys doing is around Thai cuisine; this month it is back on the agenda. Come and learn about the ingredients and techniques you need to make these two dishes to perfection: moo ping (grilled pork skewers) and pad Thai. 30 October, 20h, length 2hrs. Double ticket: €70 (includes workshop, dinner & drinks).


This month the Time Out Academy visits Indonesia, in the form of one of its most iconic dishes, nasi goreng. Come and discover the secrets and techniques for making this Indonesian dish, as well as a chicken satay. 31 October, 8pm, length 2hrs. Double ticket: €70 (includes workshop, dinner & drinks).


Taking advantage of the fact that this cookery school is located in Lisbon’s biggest and oldest market hall, we have created a workshop in which we teach you not only to cook but also how to buy the best ingredients for the best dishes. This ‘market workshop’ starts with a visit to the Mercado da Ribeira, where participants will be able to hear some of local stories, as they buy some of the items that they will be using in the Time Out Academy. They then continue to the Academy itself, where they will start cooking under the watchful eye of the chef. Dishes: Winkles or cockles à Bulhão Pato (with garlic and coriander) and carne de porco à alentejana (pork with cockles). The menu may vary depending on the day and what is on offer in the market. 10 October, 11am, length 3hrs. Double ticket: €90 (includes workshop, lunch & drinks).

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