Agnes Nunes




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15 04/09/2020500

Avenida 24 de Julho
1200-479 Mercado da Ribeira, Portugal
Mercado da Ribeira

The Brazilian artist Agnes Nunes took of in 2019 on the internet as one of the year’s biggest musical revelations, when she started posting homemade videos of her singing and playing the keyboard, attracting the attention of leading figures such as Brazilian DJ Alok, among others. After launching the project “Elas por Elas” with rapper Xamã, she amassed some 2 million fans and was eventually selected for the exclusive line-up of the Rock in Rio festival. Her way of speaking, with her enchanting voice and irresistible accent, is a mixture of the places she has been and her brand image. In 2020 she is staging her first shows outside Brazil, including in Portugal.

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