Dihh Lopes: Comediante, Casado, Pai…




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25 23/08/2019500

Avenida 24 de Julho
1200-479 Mercado da Ribeira, Portugal
Mercado da Ribeira

After the Portuguese premiere of Brazilian stand-up show ‘4 Amigos’ (4 Friends) and a tour of Portugal by one of its members, Afonso Padilha, promotor H2N now brings Dihh Lopes to the country for the first time. Born in São Paulo, Dihh Lopes this year celebrates a decade in the business. Known for his observational style, with a streak of black humour, he has taken part in popular Brazilian stand-up comedy show ‘4 Amigos’ and is also now in ‘Comédia ao Vivo’ (Live Comedy), Brazil’s leading traditional stand-up comedy group. Having taken his show ‘Comediante, Casado e Pai…’ (Comedian, Married and a Dad…) around Brazil, Lopes now brings to Portugal this, his third solo show after ‘Sem Maldade’ and ‘Antissocial’. In this new set, the comedian looks at the challenges that come with becoming a father, as well as in married life and from the success he has had in his tours at home and abroad with the ‘4 Amigos’.