Chick N' Jones

Chef-driven modern fried chicken

Chick’N Jones

“When it comes to food, Amaris Jones can lead you down the path to health as easily as she can tempt you with a dish that’s rich and satisfying. As a personal chef to Rick Ross, her wholesome cooking helped the rapper drop an impressive 80 pound. On the other hand, Jones is also the mastermind behind the loaded hot taco fries featured on OWN’s Food Fantasies. But it only takes one bite of her signature hot-honey crispy chicken sandwich piled with southern slaw on a brioche bun to ditch your diet forever. At Chick’ Jones, she offers the best of both worlds with chef-driven fried chicken -available in sandwich form, by the bucket or atop a fresh kale salad -alongside her grilled green tomatoes finished off with crispy shallots that’ll land you in a dangerously delicious territory.”