Sample unique Florida flavors at Time Out Market Miami   Miami’s melting pot of Latin cultures makes it a hotbed for innovative fusion. What’s the local cuisine? It’s a mouthwatering blend of flavors that pulls from the Caribbean, South America and even right here in Florida. Below is a taste of the signature Florida plates offered Time Out Market Miami.   1 – Cubano at the Local Cuban   In Miami, the Cuban sandwich is all over the place. Sadly, though, most of them phone it in, using cheap, quick ingredients and hoping you won’t know the difference. But the Local Cuban’s Cubano slows things down and proves that, when done fresh and with care, nothing beats a classic Cuban.   2 – Shrimp ceviche at My Caribbean Kitchen by Norman Van Aken   Norman Van Aken’s Key West pink shrimp ceviche is a rare standout in a ceviche-saturated city. Van Aken’s super fresh shrimp are cured in lemon, lime and orange juice before taking a bath in a salsa made from roasted jalapeño, tomato, red pepper and Spanish onion. After a sprinkle of crunchy popcorn topping, you’re ready to eat.   3 – Flan ice cream at Azucar   The Cuban ice cream geniuses at Azucar have their magnum opus in the flan ice cream. In each scoop, two unlikely yet essential Cuban staples join forces: rum and flan. The result is a fragrant, smooth blend of ice cream that should really be Miami’s official dessert.   4 – Gator bites at Kush   Tastes like chicken? Maybe if you’ve had some lackluster gator. At Kush, this Florida-centric protein isn’t treated like a novelty, but rather as the delicacy it is. Perfectly fried into poppable chunks, Kush’s gator is a tender treat that gives the chicken nugget a run for its money. Yeah, we said it.