While chowing down at Time Out Market Miami, please try to direct your attention away from your plate for just a moment (we know it’s nearly impossible) and check out the very cool digital installations we’ve curated. On the large screen at the north end of the market, you’ll find a rotating display that features our editors’ picks of the best things to do around town (which you can instantly access with a QR code and a point of your phone’s camera), as well as cool historical photos, courtesy of our friends at HistoryMiami Museum, and custom artwork from local and international artists.

On display are original works by Miami’s Kiko Rodríguez and Gabriela David and Portugal’s Joao Fazenda and Bernardo Carvalho—all of which were commissioned specifically for Time Out Market Miami. Somewhere between still photos and animation, the art is active enough to attract your attention but not too busy to distract you from the delicious Time Out Market experience. Locals should recognize Rodríguez’s dreamy portrait of a perfect afternoon in South Pointe Park (the cruise ships in the background are a giveaway). David opted for a surreal take on our swampy backyard, the Everglades, complete with a background cast of slithering South Florida wildlife. The art will evolve along with Time Out Market Miami, so remember to keep your head on a swivel next time you’re trying to pick from one of the market’s 18 kitchens.