Five years ago, Time Out opened its very first market in Lisbon, a labor of love (to put it mildly) that has since skyrocketed to become Portugal’s most visited attraction. This spring, we’re excited to welcome its follow-up, Time Out Market Miami, which keeps intact the ethos of that original food mecca: We are going to bring you the very best things to eat, drink and do in our city—all under one roof. To curate South Beach’s newest cultural hub, our editors tasted and handpicked each dish and cocktail, from tacos and Cubanos to piña coladas and Miami-made beer. The 18,000-square-foot, pink-terrazzo–accented space in South Beach is where the city’s top chefs and most-talked-about restaurants—plus the buzziest bars and the latest in arts and culture—commingle. Five years later (and on the same week!), the Miami outpost is the first Time Out Market to open in the U.S. and, later this year, will be followed by locations in Boston, New York, Chicago and Montreal.