Time Out Market Miami building lit up at night

What is Time Out Market?

What happens when a 50-year-old media company endeavors to bring together the best of the city under one roof? You get Time Out Market, a dining and cultural experience curated and vetted by our editors.

It’s a concept the team at Time Out Portugal created in 2014 and launched inside the city’s historic market, Mercado da Ribeira. It’s 24 restaurants, eight bars, a dozen shops and a high-end music venue—from the best burger and the top steak joint to the best sushi restaurant—Lisbon’s finest eateries are all represented. This unique mix of traditional and trendy is what you’ll only find at Time Out Market Lisbon.

Across the Atlantic, Time Out Market Miami picks up the baton and introduces the city to its own version of this tried-and-true concept right in the heart of South Beach. Spread across 17,000 square feet, the curated food hall packs 17 kitchens, three bars, a demo cooking area and a video installation wall that together make up the best dining and culture that Miami has to offer.

Like in Lisbon, Miami follows a simple rule when it comes to curation: if it’s good, it goes in the magazine; if it’s great, it goes in the market. Truly, a meal at Time Out Market Miami means you’re digging your collective forks into the most delicious dishes in Miami, cooked by the utmost talents in the city. What you’ll find inside is a hand-selected sample of everything you’ll want to eat, drink and see in the 305 all under one roof.

Miami’s destination for eating and drinking, featuring the city’s top chefs, most-talked-about restaurants and the buzziest bars—plus the latest in arts and culture all huddled together under one roof.


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