While Montréal’s rich tapestry of cuisines and cultures continues to grow and evolve, its roots are alive and well with chefs who pay homage to and innovate that culinary landscape. Here are the essential dishes of Time Out Market Montréal you need to taste if you want to so much as scratch the surface of this city.

The all-dressed croissant from Hof SuCrée: This new pastry concept from the indispensable Mile End bakery Hof Kelsten combines two tastes of the city into one delicious bite, combining the seasoning of Montréal’s signature bagels with the city’s mastery of French pastries. While nothing can quite match eating a true Montréal bagel or a warm, buttery croissant made from scratch, sampling the goods here is a two-birds-with-one-stone affair in its perfectly balanced marriage of flavour and texture.

Popcorn fish tacos from Grumman ‘78: Street meat’s been a complicated affair in Montréal for quite some time now—you won’t find any hot dog vendors on the street corners here—and that’s led to a strong food truck culture in its stead. Grumman ‘78 represents the revival of that restaurant style, having been one of the first to hit the streets with unforgettable tacos for the masses. It’s a superb taste of history when you’re eating from this kitchen, and there’s no better place to start than their airy popcorn fish tacos; don’t forget the hot sauce.

Vietnamese French Dip from Le Red Tiger: The Vietnamese population of Montréal has a long history in this city since the diasporic arrivals of the 1970s, and that has in turn led to a healthy selection of Vietnamese restaurants serving up hot bowl of pho and scrumptious bahn mi sandwiches. Those street food classic get turned up a notch when you’re trying out Le Red Tiger, however. Try the Vietnamese French dip, where a bahn mi sandwich is served up with hot beef broth for dipping, and you’ll be wondering why you never thought of it first.

Portuguese chicken and poutine at Romados: You’re checking off a lot of boxes when digging into the menu at Romados. Ask anyone what should be on their dining bucket list when they’re in Montréal, and this is one of the first places they’ll mention; furthermore, no visit to the city’s complete without grabbing some poutine, and this is a choice place to get it. The prominence of Portuguese chicken in Montréal is well represented here with their legendary juicy cuts covered in piri piri sauce, and the poutine’s one you won’t forget—especially when it’s topped with even more of that delicious chicken.

Burgers at Burger T!: The popularity of snack bars (casse-croûtes) have had an unstoppable force behind them in Montréal since the turn of the 20th century. Burgers, fries, hot dogs, milkshakes, you name it; they’re all well-loved dishes here. However, we’ll bet money that no one’s making better burgers than this kitchen from local top chef Normand Laprise. From the locally-sourced beef to traceable farm-to-table toppings, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more refreshing burger in this town.