Our place or yours? How to order at the market

Want to join us for a meal at the market?

Would you like to get your meal for takeout?

Or maybe you would like us to deliver to you?

Time Out Market Montréal does it all!

Dining in at Time Out Market Montréal

If you’re dining in, you can pay with one of two methods:

You can continue to pay by card in person and receive a buzzer which will notify you when your order is ready; when your buzzer activates, simply hand it over to be sanitized, pick up your order and enjoy.

You also have the option of using the Time Out Market app that is available for Apple and Android smartphones: Search for ‘Time Out Market’ via the App Store or Google Play to download the app for free. Once you’re there, select Time Out Market Montréal and check out the selection of eateries to order from, select a payment method, and you can your order with a text/email/push notification.

Please note that orders for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at our bars and soda bars must be made in-person and paid for by card; we are currently not accepting cash.

Takeout from Time Out Market Montréal

If you want to order your meal for takeout from Time Out Market, you can either:

  • Come in-person and specify you would like your order for takeout; you can either use the buzzer system.
  • Use the Time Out Market app via the App Store or Google Play to order in-person or in advance and track your order with text/email/push notifications.

Delivery from Time Out Market Montréal

Delivery will soon be made available through DoorDash.