Live Music by James Burke

James Burke is an independent alternative artist/producer working out of Boston. His obsession with music as a powerful creative outlet began rather early; he released his first album while he was still in high school and has released 3 follow-up albums (as well as 3 EPs) in the 5 years since that first release. James has always written, recorded, and produced all of his own music and (as he admits himself) consistently becomes a far stronger songwriter and producer with every new project he undertakes. Because of his fixation on constant improvement, his latest album, 2019’s “Future Eye,” stands out as his boldest and most compelling output thus far and has garnered him far more attention and interest than any of his past releases. Having been placed on four Spotify editorial playlists since the release of Future Eye, as well as several online publications and TAXI A&R’s “Favorite Artists” list, interest in James has been growing at a near exponential rate.