Mural by Street Artist: Dina Saadi

Time Out Market Dubai is proud to unveil a new mural by Dina Saadi, an international Syrian artist based in Dubai, is renowned for her vibrant murals, which showcase portraits, animals, and nature-inspired abstract art.  With over 150 murals across the globe, she has left her mark in the Middle East, Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa. Saadi actively participates in street art festivals and global initiatives, turning public spaces into dynamic galleries, one wall at a time. “Unbreakable” is a vibrant artwork that celebrates female change-makers, both in the Middle East and globally, and their pivotal role in advancing liberty and resilience on the path to gender equality and progress. Inspired by the Womanity organization and its mission, this piece embodies the diverse landscapes and countries that Womanity touches, from Dubai’s iconic landmarks to the Great Mosque of Herat in Afghanistan, Kangchenjunga mountain in India, and Brazil’s Amazon forest. The artwork is a visual testament to hope, with the Arabic word “Hope” embedded within the artwork, representing unwavering optimism in the face of challenges. The eyes in the artwork stand as a symbol of freedom and imagination, creating a profound sense of tranquility and inner strength. “Unbreakable” infuses Time Out Market with a powerful energy of optimism and love. The Womanity Foundation supports women’s rights organisations and invests in high-impact initiatives that ignite change and tackle gender inequality across the world. ”When women prosper, humanity thrives.” Guests can check out these mesmerising, intricate and detailed piece of art on Time Out Market Dubai’s mural wall near the Fountain Bar.