The best
of Lisbon

Why is a famous publishing name hanging from the roof of a historic market hall? And why is a team of journalists running one of the world's largest gourmet food spaces? The answers to these questions are in the project's name: Time Out Market.

A concept created from scratch in 2014 by the team at Time Out Portugal, with only the best ideas and business projects in Lisbon - according to the editorial team - which can stay in the market from one week to three years. If it’s good, it goes in the magazine, if it’s great, it goes into the market.

On the one hand, 26 restaurants, 8 bars, a dozen shops and a high-end music venue, all with the very best in Lisbon (the best steak, the best hamburger, the best sushi and the best live performances, amongst others); on the other hand, home to some of the city's best known (and longest-running) market vendors of meat, fish, fruit and flowers.

Today, together, both sides are proud of having turned the building, its immediate surroundings and the whole Cais do Sodré neighbourhood into a huge attraction for visitors, day and night.

A place that previously housed the city's best vendors now houses its best restaurants and artists. While the wares on offer may differ, the principle is the same: bringing the best of the city under one roof.


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