Time Out Bar – Open

At Time Out magazine, we’re keeping a close eye on the best of the Montréal bar scene with the same careful attention we pay to the city’s restaurants. We know that a great bar—a truly spectacular place to drink—is an exceptional thing worth celebrating, and that’s why we’ve invited ten of Montréal’s best bars to contribute cocktail recipes to the market’s Time Out Bar. Every one of our selections are renowned locally and nationally for their shaker slinging, winning mixology awards, living on the bleeding edge of the nightlife scene, or both: The Coldroom, Le Royal, Le 4e Mur, Gokudo and El Pequeño speakeasies; veterans Le 132 Bar Vintage and Mal Nécessaire; and hotshots Perles et Paddock, Cordova and Pelicano; you’ll find exceptional drinks conceived by all of these names on offer at the Bar.