Gelato Davvero gelado da gelataria davvero.


Italian artisanal ice cream made in Lisboa.

The queues outside the door of the brand’s first outlet, in Praça de São Paulo, have been reproduced at the shop-cum-factory in Santos; to this day they are the greatest evidence of the quality of these artisanal ices. The business is overseen by Filippo Licitra and Riccardo Farabegoli, two Italians who yielded to the charms of Lisbon and created Gelato Davvero (literally ‘Real Ice Cream’). Their ices are made daily, without colourings or preservatives, from the best possible ingredients. The hazelnuts and pistachios come from Italy but everything else is fresh and Portuguese, such as milk and ricotta from the Alentejo, and the fruit, of course, much of it bought right here at the Mercado da Ribeira. At this outlet 25 flavours are on offer, including the more obvious, but also some of the brand’s bestsellers, such as ricotta and walnuts, basil and salted caramel. All are served with a spatula and irresistible whipped cream on top. Time Out says:   Davvero, the delightful work of a master ice cream maker trained in Bologna, has conquered Lisbon with his artisanal ices made from fresh, natural ingredients and served in Roman fashion: with a spatula and topped with whipped cream. Order Now