espaço Licor Beirão. espaço Licor Beirão.

Licor Beirão

Portugal’s most Portuguese liqueur.

On this, the Licor Beirão brand’s second visit to the Time Out Market, the drink known as Portugal’s most Portuguese liqueur is once more showing just how versatile this product, which has been on the market for more than a century, can be. To that end, it has brought along a drinks list featuring six ways to drink a Beirão: in classic style, that is, on ice; in cocktails, namely Caipirão (adapted from the Brazilian Caipirinha) or Morangão (with strawberry instead of lime); with tonic water; in sangria; or as special edition ‘Beirão d’Honra’, a drink that combines the traditional Beirão flavour with an aged aguardente (Portuguese grape brandy) and which is drunk straight, without ice or lemon. But the novelty at this new kiosk is the pairings of the drink with light (very light) snacks that the brand has brought in as a pioneering experiment.