Olhó Bacalhau Olhó Bacalhau

Terra do Bacalhau – Cod Cakes

Classic pastéis de bacalhau (cod cakes).

  Of the thousand and one ways there are in Portugal to prepare codfish, the pastel de bacalhau (cod cake) is probably the most universally loved – whether in its classic version or in modern reinventions, such as with peppers or olives. At this stall run by the Terra do Bacalhau brand they offer all of them in large quantities. And since behind every great pastel is great bacalhau, it is only right to say that in this case the raw material comes from the cold waters off Norway, and is fished sustainably, prepared in traditional fashion and cured for at least nine months. And yes, you can buy it packed up (whole, in loin fillet or shredded) to take home with you.