pudim do abade chef miguel oliveira pudim do abade

Pudim do Abade

A pudding made by hand in Lisbon with the flavour of the North.

It was Catholic cleric, Manuel Rebelo, who created the recipe for the classic pudim abade de Priscos, but Miguel Oliveira has taken it to another level, making it magnificent. For six months he turned his kitchen into a laboratory and fiddled with the original recipe of eggs, sugar and bacon fat from the Bisaro pig, adjusting the aromatics – citrus fruit, port wine and cinnamon – and the sugar syrup. In 2014 he won the ‘A mesa do Portugueses’ (Portuguese table) competition with is version of the dessert and it started being served in Portugal’s top restaurants. In July 2019 he opened a kiosk at the Time Out Market where he sells the pudim whole, by the slice and in minature. The cherry on the top of the pudding (so to speak) are his doughnuts made from a light batter filled with pudim do Abade de Priscos. Order Now