Shows & Events

If what you find on the ground floor of the Mercado da Ribeira represents the best of what you can eat and drink in Lisbon, the same can be said of all events and shows that the Time Out Market hosts – whether in the food hall or in the Time Out Studio. They are certainly the city’s best events, chosen and approved by the brand’s curators.
All studio Food Hall

Food Hall

The food hall is not just about food and drink. In these 5,000 square metres, there is also scope for concerts, DJ sets, exhibitions of artworks hanging from the ceiling, and all kinds of entertainment to liven up the space.

Estúdio Time Out

The city’s best events, chosen and approved by the brand’s curators, take the stage in the Time Out Studio, on the market’s first floor. From intimate concerts where you might be half a metre from the artist on stage, to large-scale shows, conferences, fairs and themed events – there’s a bit of everything. This 400-square-metre space has a view of the old product market and the restaurants, and has the technical equipment to meet the needs of the most ambitious promotors of shows from Portugal and abroad.