pastel de nata

Grab and go

  Coming to Time Out Market when you’re very hungry is almost like going to the supermarket in that state, with the advantage that here there are options to appease the hunger of those who arrive at the market ravenous. Just walk up to the counter, order and have a bite.   1) Croquette from Croqueteria   A croquette (or two or three) is always a good way to start a meal. Always warm, they have been popping up like mushrooms at Croqueteria since 2014, the year they opened here in the Time Out Market. Since then, the number of flavours has also multiplied, with the traditional veal croquette always remaining at the top of the sales chart, but others such as codfish or cozido à portuguesa (a traditional stew) gaining many fans.   2) Speciality pie from O Frade   As a good representative of Alentejo cuisine, O Frade restaurant had to have a good, solid snack. Anyone arriving at the counter here is immediately confronted with a display case full of pies. And right away, it’s hard to refuse to try one. Served in a paper napkin, sprinkled with fleur de sel and dried oregano on top of the crisp pastry, this well-seasoned pie is a must on a quick visit to the market. (€3.80)   3) Pastel de mass tenra from Chef Miguel Castro e Silva   Before venturing out for a bacalhau à brás (cod with eggs and stick fries) or any of the other dishes that chef Miguel Castro e Silva offers at his space in the market, there’s one thing you have to try, and that’s the pastel de massa tenra, (literally ‘tender dough pasty’) – a comfort food that the chef has accustomed us to. Filled with beef, carrots, onions, chouriço sausage and bacon, among other things, this pasty is a good introduction to the Market. €2   4) Cone Viruta from Manteigaria Silva   Everyone in Lisbon knows about this 133-year-old fine foods shop, but it was only when it came to Time Out Market in 2014 that it was given a new lease of life, with a space where its incredible products can not only be taken home but also eaten in the shop. This has opened up a whole range of possibilities, of which the cones de viruta – ham trimmings from the Iberian black pig – are an excellent example. It’s grab and go, but it’s going to be hard to stop there. €7.50€/€12 (small/large cone)   5) Doughnut from Crush Doughnuts   They’re a treat for the eyes, these colourful doughnuts from Crush Doughnuts – a real fatal attraction as soon as they arrive in the market. From the simplest to the most elaborate and exquisite, all their doughnuts are made from a brioche dough that ferments for 24 hours, with various classic and original flavours and combinations such as Lotus or Lime Pie. Prices start at €3.95   6) Pastel de nata from Manteigaria   It doesn’t get any simpler or more appetising than a custard tart. As any good Portuguese will tell you, there’s no particular time for a pastel de nata – you can eat them at any hour, from breakfast to supper time, warm or cold. As soon as you enter the market and hear the bell ringing, you know that a hot batch of pastéis is coming out of the oven. Just follow your nose. €1.30 each   7) Pastel de Bacalhau from Terra do Bacalhau   In the event of sudden, uncontrollable hunger, the Terra do Bacalhau kiosk is the best place to come, firstly because there’s always a cod cake ready to go – either the traditional version or ones with olives or peppers. If you’re still not satisfied, take a look at the display of other cod snacks on toasted bread, or ask for the cod bites (fried cod skin). €1.95 each pastel   8) Pistachio Cookie from Funky Chunky If you find yourself wandering the aisles of the Market chasing the intoxicating aroma of fresh baking, the chances are that you’re following the trail to the Funky Chunky cookie kiosk. They’re not biscuits, they’re cookies and they’re not perfect, but they’re delicious. Crunchy on the outside and with a filling inside, these cookies created by Sofia Pontifex are a delight, and a hit with the various flavours available.